East Coast Tour Nusa Penida 10x8

East Coast Tour Nusa Penida (5 to 6 Hours)

East Coast Tour Nusa Penida 10x8

Nusa Penida East Coast Tour is one of the best a day trip from Bali mainland to explore and experience eastern part of Nusa Penida Island.

Nusa Penida Island is a row of three small islands located a cross the southern island of Bali as well as part of Klungkung regency, such as Nusa Gede, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.

Each with uniquely breath-taking landscapes and especialy Nusa Penida it self with unreal beauty like heaven on earth.

nusa penida tour

On Nusa Penida you’ll find secluded beaches and be able to gaze over the edge of cliffs, climb to waterfalls and explore the roads through the jungle. Palm trees and lush greenery line the roads and waves crash against the islands edges, leaving you in awe.

There’s no doubt that Nusa Penida is beautiful or worth your visit. This stunning island is one place worth being on your itinerary and is an island that I highly suggest you make time for in your Bali itinerary.

This East Nusa Penida One Day Tour itinerary are cover the unique temple and most popular places of Nusa Penida east coast, such as; Giri Putri Cave Temple, Atuh Beach, Rumah Pohon Tree house, Thousand Island Viewpoint.

Our East Nusa Penida One Day Tour package is included of return fast boat (Bali mainland – Nusa Penida – Bali mainland), lunch, entrance fees, and comfortable air-conditioned car transfers with English speaking driver/guide.

❀ East Nusa Penida Tour Itinerary

Pick up time at Hotel 08.30 AM | Duration 6 hours

You will be greeted by friendly driver and get ready to start your island tour to visit Giri Putri Cave Temple  a unique temple hidden in the large cave temple is located the hillside.

giri putri cave temple

The word “Giri Putri” was given to the greatest cave in Nusa Penida Island for a certain reason. The word “giri” means ’hill’ and the word “putri” means ‘female”. These words were given to refer to the cave as a holy site of Siva on the manifestation as a goddess who possesses the nature and power to protect, nurture, and love human beings.

The temple entrance is deceptively small and hides the surprisingly spacious and magnificent cave inside. When arriving at the cave, we have to crawl about 5 meters until you find the main cave that can accommodate more than 500 people.

After that we will take you to Atuh Beach is one of Nusa Penida’s most iconic locations. The natural rock arch that stretches over crystal clear turquoise waters will have you in awe as soon as you lay eyes on it.

atuh beach

Atuh Beach is abundant with rock shelters and is overlooked by a cliff. But the stunning coral reefs are what bring Atuh to life, especially during low tide when at their full glory like haven on earth.

The sun rays make the ocean glisten as though it were mixed with diamonds. There are small caves in and around the cliffs where you can swim into and explore the rock structures.

The clarity of the turquoise waters, the gorgeous white sandy beaches, the towering high cliff walls, beautiful green nature, and best of all it should be all yours, your own private beach!.

atuh beach

Continue trip Thousand Island Viewpoint is the cluster of exposed minerals that had been eroded over time, some of the mineral breaks of from the main island and turn out to be the towering rock with vegetation on top of it.

In addition, there’s accommodation in this area called ‘Rumah Pohon’ Treehouse, literally built on the side of the cliff. It’s one of the most Easternly points you can reach on East Nusa Penida One Day Tour.

Rumah Pohon Treehouse

The views from the Rumah Pohon Molenteng grounds are beautiful and waking up in the tree house would be like something out of a movie!.

There is fantastic rock in the beach and will be great backdrop for taking some photos. The water is really clear crystal and pure, in hence we could see some giant manta rays and turtles swimming around from top cliff with 150 meters height.

Touch this virgin beach make you such in new world, away from hustle and hide in beauty. Enjoy walking around and let your foot sense the magic sand before your driver transfer back to the port and escort you to the boat to go back to Sanur (Bali mainland. Arrive back in Sanur, the driver will escort you back to your hotel.

 East Nusa Penida One Day Tour Highlights

  • One day exploration an untouched eastern part Nusa Penida from Bali mainland
  • Visit the unique temple of Giri Putri Cave
  • Swim at virgin beach of Atuh
  • Get incredible views from Thousand Island Viewpoint


Rp600,000 / Once / Per Accommodation

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