Aerial Yoga Nusa Penida

Yoga at Hotel Arsa Santhi Nusa Penida

Aerial Yoga Nusa Penida
Taught in the traditional Indian way, this practice is a strong mix of salutations and active asanas held for a period of time. Its perfect for beginners where you will learn the fundamentals of asana (yogic postures), and breath-work. As an intermediate practitioner it will allow you to work deeper into your body awareness along with the breath to reach meditative states.
Aerial Yoga Nusa Penida
This is a more dynamic flow or form of practice. Working through sequences of postures with the breath, it will create heat and strength in the body.
A softer approach to a practice, where the we move away from physically demanding active work of the muscles and begin to work with our connective tissue and joints. A yin practice helps to bring about more flexibility into the body.
Aerial Yoga Nusa Penida Arsa Santhi Hotel 2
This class is done with the assistance of a silk hammock. Besides being extremely fun, it works on flexibility, overall body strength and makes inversions much more accessible. It helps to restore length and space in the spine, creating movement with little to no compression on the lower back.
Aerial Yoga Nusa Penida Arsa Santhi Hotel 1


Rp150,000 / Once / Per Guest

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